Leatherwood Comb Cassette

Our famous Leatherwood trees (Eucryphia Lucida and the alpine Eucryphia Milliganii) are unique to Tasmania, found mainly in the pristine rainforests of the rugged West Coast, many in World Heritage areas far away from any form of polution, urban or industrial . The Ezi comb and Hogg half comb are food grade polystyrene containers that are put directly in the beehive. The bees fill the cassette with honey and seal it around the edges making it the premier choice for shipping comb honey. Comb honey has been linked to improving hay fever and sinusitis as it contains many of the allergens that cause discomfort to hayfever sufferers.  Great on hot toast or just a teaspoonfull as a sweet. The honey melting in your mouth leaving you the wax to chew on. This comb honey has become very popular on breakfast  tables  and cheese boards.