9 Frame HiveiQ Poly Hive Kit

$336.00 inc. GST

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The HiveiQ Australian Made Hive Kit is made up of all the components required to create a three story beehive. Please Note: The frames and foundation are not included. This kit is a flat pack and includes the following:

3 x 9 Frame Full Depth Hive Boxes Langstroth

1 x 9 Frame Hive Bottom which features two varroa board tracks, NCF tags and a provision for a pollen trap box.

1 x 9 Frame Hive Top pressed metal cover

1 x 9 Frame Queen Excluder metal

1 x 9 Frame Entrance Reducer


Due to the varying size and weight of beekeeping equipment, we request that you call us on (03) 6200 9572 so that we can arrange the best method for your delivery.