About Us

Peter is a fifth generation Tasmanian who left Tasmania in 1978 for a twelve month tour of Europe. He returned 21 years later in 1999 having run a large garage repair business with his wife Trish (a Scot) in south London for most of that time.


In 1985 he decided he needed a hobby and bought two hives. Realising he needed some instruction he studied beekeeping at Merrist Wood agricultural college for two years. By the end of that time his 'hobby' had grown to 150 hives, most of which were used to pollinate the orchards in Kent.


He joined the Wimbledon Beekeepers Association to further his knowledge and had much success showing his honey and wax at their annual shows.


His steep learning curve continued for another 4 years or so and although he was well and truly smitten, he realised that beekeeping in Britain was too marginal to make a successful business.


City life became too stressful and in 1999 the family moved back to Tassie.


In 2003 we bought a small organic operation of 36 hives and over time have expanded this to a much larger operation with approx 100 certified hives and 500 non certified hives.


As of August 2011 the operation will continue to expand with the purchase of Flagstaff Apiaries and include a market stall in the renowned Salamanca Market in Hobart.